Author of the law’s delays, you who as talisman and totem still wear the aegis, baleful with Medusa’s scowl (though shrunken and self-mummified, a Gorgon still).

"Athena" — Amy Clampitt

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If I go with him,” she said, her voice low and shaking with the thing she did not want to say but had to, “will you put me in the factory with the Yelenas?”

“Yes,” he growled, “yes, I will put you there and turn out the light in your eyes and come to stare at you for centuries, to pore over you, because you are  m i n e , my treasure, my hoard, and I cannot  k e e p  y o u  and I cannot  l e t  y o u  g o .” - (Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente)
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“Viserys was Mad Aerys’s son, just so. Daenerys… Daenerys is quite different.” “The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.”

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Matthew Bell by Jumbo Tsui - Charter Magazine, Sep 2014

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women of vikings + name meanings

“Those green eyes fixate on a point with such intensity that you find youself trying to make out what she sees in the empty air” - Mockingjay, page 263

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People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.



Cersei Lannister ± badass

(requested by anonymous.)

Have you read the fucking books?


Cersei is a murderous psychotic bitch.

Cersei is a moron.

Cersei is a self-centered piece of shit who raised her incest child to be an wen bigger piece of shit.

Any person who tries to defend the fucked up shit Cersei has done is a fucking moron.

I have read the fucking books, more than once. (And I still don’t think Cesei is a psychotic bitch, I guess I have a better grasp of them than you.) However, this gifset is about show!Cersei (who, as you should know, if you have read the fucking books is rather different from her version of the book.) However, I do love both. And I think both of them are fucking badass.

If you don’t, it’s your right. It’s perfectly fine. Good for you. Blacklist her, you’ll be happier that way, I’m sure. But, you know, you can keep your (fucking) opinon for yourself, or make a gifset and express it there. But don’t add hate in my gifsets, don’t you shout at me in the caption of my gifset. AND DON’T INSULT ME (or any Cersei fan, for that matter) IN MY OWN GIFSET. That’s fucking rude. Thank you so much.

(Excuse the language, I was trying to reproduce the effect your polite words caused.)

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“Now, d a r l i n ’, I just had myself a little thought.”

“Did you?” I murmured, distracted by the way he reached up to run his thumb over my bottom lip.

“I did indeed. It being that you are seventeen and I’m eighteen, and we have every damn right to make out like t e e n a g e r s. Like normal, happy, crazy kids.”

He hooked two fingers over the waistband of my jeans and tugged me closer. I loved his voice when he lowered it like that. His accent broadened, warmed like summer air in the minutes before a thunderstorm. It was the full-on Stewart charm assault, and I was totally h e l p l e s s against it.

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he’s died for us more often after all.

Sophie Turner out and about in Beverly Hills (08.30.2014)