I do not tolerate a world emptied of you. I have tried. For a year I have called every black tree Marya Morevna; I have looked for your face in the patterns of the ice. In the dark, I have pored over the loss of you like pale gold.” 

― Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless

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You think I’m not a  g o d d e s s ?
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repeat after me

a ship doesnt have to be canon to fucking ship it

now say it with me

a ship being canon doesn’t mean people have to like it

and finally

not all ships need to be canon and if you harass producers/writers/actors about your ship you’re a dick

Super relevant.

Books meme: Twenty female characters

[11/20] → Cress Darnel (The Lunar Chronicles)

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Within Temptation [music videos]



“’My God, bear witness there is no truth in these charges. I am as clear from the company of man as I am from sin.”

 Anne about the charges against her in the Tower of London

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 Schiaparelli Couture Fall 2013




wow you have very nice looking hands…… i bet they would look even better wrapped up in mine…..

or around my dick

or clasped together in prayer askin god to help you see the error of your ways


The answers come at a price. Don’t miss the new Maze Runner trailer in two days! [x]


The White Army - the informal name of the military-political groups who fought in the Civil War against the Soviets. Emerged after the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II in 1917. Origin of the term associated with the traditional symbols of the white color as the supporters of the “lawful order. Basis White Guard - the officers of the tsarist army; leadership - military tops (M.V. Alekseev, P.N. Wrangel, A. I. Denikin, A. V. Kolchak, L.G. Kornilov, Y. K. Miller, N.N. Yudenitch). Arose under the banner of the national salvation and restoration of statehood, which would entail the return and recovery of lost power, socio-economic rights and relations, market economy and reunion with the lost areas of the Russian Empire.

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